What’s it all about?

Aromatherapy, as the name suggests, is a therapy of aromas. The essences are extracted from therapeutic plants, woods, roots and seeds are highly concentrated. These pure extracts are the basis and tools of Aromatherapy. Many people use essential oils, like Lavender, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus, at home in their baths and oil burners. They too have discovered the many therapeutic benefits of these pure, wonderful gifts of nature.

How does it work?

The holistic approach takes into account the whole person; physical symptoms, psychological , environmental and nutritional factors, positive and negative and the impact they can have on the body.

Essential oils are made up from chemical components, as such; they can interact with the chemistry of our body. This is done when the oils find their way into our bloodstream, either through inhalation or absorption through the skin.

The beauty of essential oils is that they are totally natural and are readily accepted and used by the body, usually with no after effects, and removed quickly and effortlessly by the body when they have served their purpose.

When we inhale the aromas they can have an effect on our mental state provoking memories and again interacting with chemical impulses.

What’s an Aromatherapy treatment?

Aromatherapy treatments combine the therapeutic and fragrant properties of essential oils with the healing power of touch and massage. The holistic massage is gentle, rhythmic, connecting and soothing. The massage techniques and the essential oils are individually tailored to each client. This powerful combination of therapeutic essential oils and holistic massage creates the ultimate in relaxation.

What’s it good for?

There are general effects gained from the use of essential oils in an Holistic massage, those being;

  • Relief from the symptoms of stress and tension
  • Feelings of calm, well-being and balance
  • Antibacterial effects of most oils, which may help the body to heal and support the immune system.

The application of base oils and the essential oils to the skin improves;

  • Circulation-nutrients to the tissues and removal of wastes
  • Improved elasticity -helps healing, scars, stretch marks, increased softness and suppleness
  • Faster desquamation, dead skin removal, this helps stimulate new cells to grow and gives a healthier, clearer tone to the skins surface

Aromatherapy can enhance feelings of wellbeing and can be a useful complementary therapy for those living with chronic conditions alongside conventional medical care.

Here at the Treatment Tree we believe that by tackling the early signs of stress and tension, through an Aromatherapy treatment, you can relieve the symptoms and possibly prevent further development of more chronic problems. It is advisable to contact your GP if you have any stress induced signs and symptoms to ensure that there are no underlying conditions. 

Who’s it suitable for?

Aromatherapy is suitable for all ages; men, women and children.

A course of treatments is recommended to kick start your body into action. Typically people respond well with 6 to 8 treatments. Weekly, twice weekly or monthly may be recommended. However it is entirely up to each individual how many sessions they have and how often they receive them.
People often find it beneficial to continue with regular maintenance treatments to maintain health and a feeling of well-being


If you have a medical condition or take prescribed drugs it would be worthwhile just checking with your doctor if aromatherapy is suitable for you. You can also sign an informed consent stating the treatment has been fully explained and you are willing to proceed with a treatment. Some conditions require greater care, those being; Epilepsy, Asthma, Kidney & liver problems, Allergies & Pregnancy. A patch test may be required 24 hours before treatment.

I would advise individuals that are currently suffering from a fever, diarrhoea or vomiting or those who have any contagious infection, such as athletes foot, verrucas and so on, refrain from treatment until the condition has cleared.  

Some conditions do require greater care, those being; epilepsy, asthma, kidney & liver problems, skin problems & allergies and pregnancy. A patch test may be required 24 hours before treatment. 

Pregnant women in the first 12 weeks should avoid receiving any treatment, after which a modified treatment can be performed.

Fancy a go?

Costs & Further details

  • £45 per treatment (usually lasting an hour)
  • An additional charge of £5 will be added for travel outside a radius of 20 miles of Colliers wood.
  • NB – Please allow an extra 30mins at the first appointment as it includes a consultation about your general health and lifestyle. This will help me determine if the therapy is appropriate for you and safe. This information is confidential
  • Alternatively you may wish to pay in advance for a course of 4 treatments and receive a 10% discount.
  • To book an appointment, or to simply to discuss your requirements please call me on 07813 528 408 or contact me via the contact page
  • Please note 24 hours’ notice of cancellation is required to avoid a charge for booked treatments.   

Aromatherapists do not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe. Each session of reflexology works on an individual basis.